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Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Through The Moon Gate

Science Is Magic Spelled Backwards

Vampire's Dilemma



Love Bridges Galactic Civilizations

Jacqueline Lichtenberg







Love    Trust   Intimacy


Radio Interview With Jacqueline Lichtenberg

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Sime~Gen Volume 13, Fear and Courage, 14 writers explore Sime~Gen


2012 First Edition

The Farris Channel Cover

Sime~Gen is the Award Winning Series by Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Jean Lorrah
Science Fiction Romance, Adventure, Mystery with a Unique Paranormal Twist


Heart with two galaxies inside it

Compassion Acceptance

Adventures Across Time, Space & Species
In Six Universes & Four Genres

SF Romance

The Dushau Trilogy

Dushau cover image Farfetch coverOutreach cover

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A human woman can't abide the injustice being done to an alien male and his entire species. 

#1 Dushau

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#2 Farfetch

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#3 Outreach

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Romantic Times Award

The Original Romantic Times Award










About Jacqueline Lichtenberg

Jacqueline Lichtenberg, a life member of the Science Fiction Writers of America, ( http://www.sfwa.org  ). She is creator of the Sime~Gen Universe with a vibrant fan following ( http://www.simegen.net ), primary author of the Bantam paperback Star Trek Lives! which blew the lid on Star Trek fandom, founder of the Star Trek Welcommittee, creator of the genre term Intimate Adventure, winner of the Galaxy Award for Spirituality in Science Fiction with her second novel, Unto Zeor, Forever, and the first Romantic Times Awards for Best Science Fiction Novel with her later novel Dushau. Her Vampire fiction has been in audio-dramatization on XM Satellite Radio. She has been the sf/f reviewer for a professional magazine since 1993. She teaches sf/f writing online while turning to her first love, screenwriting focused on selling to the feature film market. Screenwriting: http://www.slantedconcept.com 


Paranormal Science Fiction

Books of the First Lifewave

Two College Buddies blow the lid on an Interstellar Conspiracy in spite of, or maybe because of, love.

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Molt Brother

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Audiobook unabridged


City of a Million Legends
direct sequel to Molt Brother

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Futuristic Vampire Romance

Those of My Blood: A human woman, with little old style decorum to her name, gets caught in a duel to the death between a Vampire and his Sire.  On Earth's Moon.  Examining a crashed alien space ship. With an alien vampire on board.

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Those of My Blood


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Dreamspy: Meanwhile, out in the galaxy, an Earth man with music in his soul and a Galactic Vampire with commerce in his blood square off over a psychic woman with peace in her heart.


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Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Writing As
Daniel R. Kerns

Omnibus Edition
Hero & Border Dispute

A human man and an alien male become war buddies despite the excruciating embarrassment of Heroic Decorations

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Mass Market Paperback

Border Dispute

Mass Market Paperback


Alien Master
Jacqueline Lichtenberg

Kindle Edition Pending


Jacqueline Lichtenberg

Kindle Edition Pending

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